Gun Control

Jay Peterson’s review on the state of current gun regulation and the ramifications of gun control in the United States is a wonderful read.

Larry Correia’s post, “Self Defense is a Human Right,” is also excellent.

I will go into this further on a future post, but I did want to note something: as is continuously pointed out by gun rights advocates, the right to self-defense predates the Second Amendment. Without it, the individual right to own property would not exist. Since a number of leftists and liberals are now blatantly calling for an outright ban on firearms and a repeal of the Second Amendment, one should remind these cretins that unless their arms are confiscated by force and they are enslaved at gunpoint by government agents, Americans would still retain the right to self-defense. It doesn’t vanish once the law codifying its legality is repealed.

One could wish all the day long that this basic truth did not exist. Of course, I also wish summer wasn’t a season, but we can’t have everything, can we?


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